Mya in Wild Land

Mya in Wild Land

Mya is a high-spirited, passionate, and fun-loving 4-year-old safari guide living with her family in the Greater Kruger National Park. She loves sharing her favorite things about nature with people from around the world. Mya is naturally driven to have a deeper connection with nature and, most certainly, with people too.

Mya grew up in one of the wildest and most remote places in Kruger National Park—Pafuri. In this beautiful and secluded paradise, she went on her first game drive at only 8 weeks old. From there, her wild and wonderful journey began. She learned to crawl, walk, and talk beneath magnificent, ancient Baobab trees and experienced nature’s magic firsthand by frequently visiting the largest Fever tree forest in the southern hemisphere! This whole area and its people played a quintessential role in Mya’s love story with the wilderness today.

We, as Mya’s parents, are both qualified, professional field guides who have been loving and living in the African bush for more than a decade now. It wasn’t long before Mya wanted to dress up as a ranger and also ‘guide’ people through the bush, showing them all the incredible things… and so, Mya in Wild Land began.

Mya in Wild Land is a series of videos where Mya has fun in the bush and shares some interesting facts about nature along the way. One thing is for sure—she most definitely owns her adventure with her Sapmok vellies, climbing trees, termite mounds, granite boulders, and everything in between! We hope people can love and learn about nature with us on this wild and epic adventure. Stay Wild!

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