Our leather goods

Authentic design

Our traditional look is hardworking, real and genuine. Our products are strong, durable and made to last any experience or adventure.


Crafted by hand

Our Sapmok products are locally crafted and inspired by traditional designs, patterns, textures & local aesthetics.


Real experience

Our products give you a blank canvas to write your own way or path. Whether it be fun, practical or any type of real life experience.


What's your story

Brakner_Diesel Brown Brakner_Oatmeal Brakner_Red Brown Leonie High-Top_Crust Leonie High-Top_Diesel Brown


Bush Series

The bush series is designed with a thicker and a bit harder leather for rugged terrains. Our “tougher-er” range, if you will. The colours are to blend in with Africa and its beauty.



Vegan Series

The idea for this series was all thanks to Nina Zimalong, a photographer from Cape Town, when she was working on a wedding shoot.

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