About Kids in the Wild

About Kids in the Wild

At Kids In The Wild, we are on a mission to ignite the spark of curiosity and wonder in children of all ages, helping them reconnect with the beauty and magnificence of the natural world that surrounds us every day. Through our innovative and interactive platform, we offer a gateway to exploration, education, and appreciation for the incredible wilderness that exists just beyond our doorstep.


Our commitment lies in empowering the children of today and tomorrow with the knowledge and appreciation of the wonders of nature. We envision a world where young minds are open to the boundless possibilities that nature presents, encouraging imagination and fostering a sense of responsibility for our planet. Through our comprehensive Junior FGASA accredited online programmes, encompassing twelve diverse modules, alongside captivating lectures, engaging games, enlightening quizzes, and hands-on activities, we cultivate a deep connection between children and the natural world.

As young explorers embark on our educational journey, they immerse themselves in the captivating realm of our natural environment. From the grandeur of majestic animals to the intricacies of the tiniest creatures, our courses embrace the fascination and awe that every living being evokes. With each module, children gain insight into the delicate balance of ecosystems, the magic of biodiversity, and the importance of preserving our planet’s treasures for generations to come.

By fostering an early understanding of nature’s wonders, we aspire to cultivate a lifelong sense of stewardship for the environment. Just as a single spark can ignite a roaring fire, the knowledge gained through Kids In The Wild courses will kindle a passion that grows and flourishes over time.

Join us in nurturing a generation that values and safeguards the Earth’s wild places. Through Kids In The Wild, the journey of exploration, learning, and inspiration begins – one that leads to a brighter, greener future for all.

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