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Sapmok Barefoot Olive Ladies


Meet the Barefoot – your new adventure companion. This shoe is all about embracing the great outdoors and celebrating the natural way your feet were meant to move. With a mesh vamp, TPU quarters, cow suede back strap, and cotton laces, it’s the perfect blend of performance and style. The Barefoot’s 3mm thick rubber outsole, along with its innovative EVA-honeycomb insoles, lets you feel the earth beneath your feet like never before. Fortified with a kevlar strip, the Barefoot ensures your every step is shielded from sharp objects, enhancing durability and safety on your outdoor adventures.

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Ditch the ordinary and step into the extraordinary with the Sapmok Barefoot. We’re not here to follow the rules; we’re here to break them, and our Barefoot shoe is the embodiment of non-conventional outdoor footwear.
These aren’t your standard shoes – they’re an ode to freedom, to nature’s design, and to your unbridled spirit. Our Barefoot shoe lets you rediscover the primal joy of feeling the earth beneath your feet, unleashing your inner wild like never before.
Designed for the modern trailblazer, these shoes embrace adventure with open arms. Take them on the gnarliest trails, across untamed terrain, and into the heart of the wilderness. Feel the ground beneath you as you conquer nature’s challenges. Every step is a declaration of your connection to the wild, and every stride is a testament to your unyielding spirit.
But the Sapmok Barefoot isn’t just about outdoor escapades; it’s about living life to the fullest. Whether you’re scaling mountains, exploring hidden urban alleys, or just chilling with friends by the campfire, these shoes have your back. They’re as versatile as your wildest dreams and as cool as the breeze on a mountaintop.
Our Barefoot shoe isn’t just a product; it’s a movement. It’s the symbol of your refusal to be confined, your rejection of the status quo. It’s an invitation to join us in celebrating the unconventional, embracing the extraordinary, and experiencing the world in its purest form.

What's my size?

What's my size?

What does 33.8 mean?

What does 33.8 mean?

Discover the remarkable pace of Mother Nature with the Sapmok Barefoot, where the label proudly displays the Earth’s fastest heartbeat at 33.8 Hz. While Earth’s natural heartbeat, measured at 7.83 Hz, is a well-known mellow rhythm, we’ve chosen to unveil a different side of our planet’s pulse – the moments when it races with wild, untamed energy.

The 33.8 Hz represents the epic times when Earth’s heart races with boundless energy – thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions, the Northern Lights. With every step in these sneakers, you’re tuning into the extraordinary beats, syncing up with the most lively, electric, and awe-inspiring rhythms of our wild world. It’s a nod to Earth’s pulse at its most thrilling, an open invite to groove to the symphony of our planet’s untamed side.



  • Mesh vamp
  • TPU quarters
  • Cow suede back strap
  • Cotton laces
  • 3mm thick rubber outsole
  • Innovative EVA-honeycomb insoles
  • Kevlar strip for enhanced durability
  • Provides a barefoot feel with earth connection
  • Designed for performance and style
  • Fortified for safety on outdoor adventures
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