Quality, ethical and sustainable products for a better future.

Sapmok is an all adventure brand with a unique product offering of hand-crafted shoes and products tailored to give an authentic feel and real life experience. Made in South Africa and set on survival mode in today’s economy. We’re constantly working hard to create more sustainable products, like our vegan series without compromising our quality. One of the main reasons Sapmok was created was to unsung heroes in conservation, and this is where our team create projects and ideas to support our dream.


Bringing realness to the people for the planet.


Finding the perfect balance between comfort, style and sustainability.


Creating sustainable footwear, accessories and experiences for every adventure.


Sapmok was created by Werner Winterboer in 2015. Werner was born and raised in Pretoria and studied BComm Logistics in Stellenbosch, then after struggling 7 months in the office, he decided to follow his dream to start his own Modern Africa Adventure brand. He combined all the things he loved and his ideal picture of life to create the style of Sapmok. Even though the company started in 2015, Sapmok only started to trade in February 2017. It took almost 2 years to create and design the brand before we sold our first pair of shoes. The name of the brand comes from the word Kompas (compass in Afrikaans) written backwards. As a kid, Werner was in a bende (a gang) with Piet Joubert and JG de Swardt and their bende cryptology was to write everything backwards, so that’s how he decided on Sapmok.