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ethical, sustainable and QUALITY products for a better future.

Our vision at Sapmok is to be the premier adventure wear brand for the modern explorer, blending style and function to create durable, sustainable, and comfortable quality products that inspire customers to explore and protect the natural world. As a company, we will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the outdoor industry, while staying true to our roots as a small, passionate team dedicated to conservation and adventure. We will strive to be a customer-centric brand. Always listening to and engaging with our community and building a loyal customer. Who shares our values and love of the outdoors. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire people to get outside, have fun, and make the world a better place, quality products and one adventure at a time.


Bringing realness to the people for the planet.


Finding the perfect balance between comfort, style and sustainability.


Creating sustainable footwear, accessories and experiences for every adventure.

quality products


At Sapmok, we believe in the importance of both people and wildlife. That’s why we strive to support conservation efforts by offering comfortable, durable, and stylish shoes at discounted prices to those working to protect our planet.

HOW OUR VELLIES ARE MADE quality products

At Sapmok, we pride ourselves on our locally designed and crafted shoes that are both stylish and functional. We are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing, using materials that are sourced locally. Our leather is derived from a byproduct of local farming and agriculture industries and is vegetable-tanned, meaning it is treated with natural and organic materials quality products. Additionally, we offer a “revive-to-survive” program where we can refurbish your shoes, allowing you to continue to enjoy them without the need to buy a new pair.


Werner Winterboer was never one to follow the conventional path. In 2015, he said goodbye to the corporate world and set out on a mission to live life to the fullest. He combined his passions for adventure and his ideals to create a new kind of African adventure brand. Two years of tireless effort and creative vision culminated in the launch of Sapmok in February 2017. The name “Sapmok” is derived from the Afrikaans word for compass, “Kompas,” spelled backwards as a nod to a childhood gang’s secret code. With Sapmok, Werner invites others to join him on a journey of discovery, where the destination is less important than the adventure. The brand serves as a symbol of bravery, reminding us to look back on our journey and realising that in the end it was in fact full of direction and purpose.

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