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We are the Widdows, aka “Our Birding Family”, a pretty crazy, adventure driven family of four who spent 2021 road tripping around South Africa in search of as many bird species as possible. It was an incredible, proudly South African Birding Big Year for us. A time to connect with our children and each other on new levels, experience life on the road, and share a common goal of finding some of the trickiest birds in the world! The year filled us with more joy than we could imagine, a sense of complete and utter freedom, and left us with incredibly adventurous spirits which continue to light fires in our souls as we travel and explore as a family. 

We finished our birding big year with #702 species in SA for 2021 with our two little ones squished in our Suzuki Jimny the entire way! It was a real adventure filled with a lifetime of memories and an incredible 45000km racked up on the road. We share a deep love for nature, birding, wildlife and bringing up our children (4 and 7 years old) organically in the raw beauty that is South Africa. 

Since our big year, we have gotten stuck into the wilder side of things, continuing our passion for birding and nature whilst exploring some amazing local gems. We are a Durban based family who document all our adventures- from the birds we see, the adventures and activities we experience, the best camping sites and exquisite luxury lodges we visit, to some insanely cool brands which join us on our journeys! 

Sapmok and Our Birding Family share a deep love for adventure. We are inspired by their passion for raw, wild living and have taken our trusty Sapmok’s on some epic trips! Our favourite Allrounders have joined us on dusty Karoo roads, mountain passes, and rugged bushveld walks as we have searched for some of South Africa’s most secretive birds.

Follow Our Birding Family as we OWN OUR ADVENTURES with Sapmok!

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