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Annie Africa

Sapmok supports powerful women behind the scenes who dedicate their lives to sustainable change. We have chosen these Goddesses Of Today to celebrate Women’s Day and all our goddess’ magnificent achievements. Annie Africa is our second Goddess from this series. She is an amazing guide, founder of Our Horn Is Not Medicine, and in charge of  The Richard Khosa Scholarship.  You will learn a little more about her by reading her answers below.

1. What inspired you to do what you do?

When I am within nature I feel like myself. Close to my soul. I feel happy. Inspiration comes when you are happy, so nature inspires me.

2. What is it like to raise a family in the bush?

To have a toddler in the bush is wonderful. He is right where he should be. It definitely comes with its difficulties. Socialising with our toddlers is tough since there aren’t any where we live so we do our best to drive him out to town (about 1 hour) where he can play and do what toddlers do together.

3. What is the biggest challenges in raising money for conservation?

Raising funding is tough because it is always changing. Something that was trendy last month suddenly leaves people numb the next month. I was also quite surprised by the competitiveness of the fund-raising world, but I have found a few organisations and business that all work well together. We can’t all be the best so let’s be the best together.

4. What is the most enlightening thing your journey has taught you?

I have learnt how kind people are. It is so uplifting for me to have all the help from strangers all over the world. It is beautiful to enable someone to help a cause that means a lot to them. People are their happiest and most beautiful when they are being kind.

5. What is your honest opinion about your Sapmoks?

My Leonis Sapmok’s have been on my feet for a solid 4.5 years now. No joke. They are the only closed shoes I wear. I have guided in them, tracked lions in them through wet grass, travelled the world for 6 months with them and I just walked 4 night a primitive trail in pafuri with them – (sonder sokkies). Wether I am in the bush or wearing a pretty dress they are my everyday everywhere shoes. I LOOOOOVE my Leonis.

If you enjoyed this interview, stay tuned for the other Goddesses Of Today posts!

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Written and interviewed by Annabelle Cloete

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