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DREAM AFRICA PRODUCTIONS AND PUBLISHING, at present the foremost producer of printed products on SA artists and art, specializes in publications and video productions on South African art and artists, as well as the African indigenous cultural folklore and history. 

The artworks for these designs are by Sas Kloppers, and are visual interpretations of South African indigenous folklore. Kloppers is a well-known artist, ardent researcher and ethnologist, and has received international recognition for his work.   

Spearheaded by Kloppers, the artworks were the inspiration for a new enterprise, namely commodities such as velskoens and T shirts. The springbok range portrays the Bushman’s inexplicable, intuitive “foreknowledge” of the famous annual migration of thousands of springbok over the vast plains of Africa.


We feel the springbok are coming. We have a sensation in our feet, as we feel the rustling of the feet of the springbok with which they make the bushes rustle.” 

(Springbok presentiments of the Xam! Bushmen, 1870)

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