NIASSA | Dark Brown
NIASSA | Dark Brown

NIASSA | Dark Brown


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The Dark Brown is our best seller since day one and deserves to have its own page. Made from the most comfortable leather with a modern Africa look is surely the best combo. No matter what the venture, no matter who the storyteller – the Dark Brown Series is the shoe for you. There is evidence of The Dark Brown series on 6 of the 7 Contents.

Size & Chart


  • Measure your foot from heel to toe. (bottom of the foot on a ruler)
  • Refer to Size Chart
  • Compare your foot length with the chart.
  • The size 5 to 7mm bigger than your foot length will suit you best
  • Should be more or less your regular UK size.
  • Keep in mind leather stretch.
    The lengths in the chart indicate the sizes of the shoe inside, same as the last used to manufacture your shoe. 

     Shoe sizes and chart


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