Help save the Chapman pygmy chameleon from extinction

You can help Delport Botma and the BINCO team in the attempt to save the Chapman pygmy chameleon from extinction and we will tell you exactly how!

This little chameleon is only found in the Nsanje district, Malawi and is critically endangered and is facing serious threats of being extinct in the near future. The main threat for the species is large scale habitat destruction, with more than 95% of its habitat being converted in to agricultural land, reducing the only available habitat for the pygmy...

We're not asking you to jump on to a bush plane, fly to Malawi and start protesting but as Sapmok we're making you aware of the smaller conservation issues with a big impact.

This is why you can read the full story of what needs to be done and how you as an individual can help a dedicated team to make the change. 


 Follow Link:

BINCO team:

Matthias De Beenhouwer, Ruben Foquet, Delport Botma, Steven Mphamba





Help save the Chapman pygmy chameleon from extinction

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